Tips ordered by subject

Set up an RSS-feed

In WebHare you have access to the folder “algemene bestanden”. In this folder you can find the file nieuws.rss. You can copy this file to your own website. Give the file a fitting title. After doing this you will see the orange RSS symbol on the top of your website:

Fill the RSS-feed

If you are adding a news item in a news folder, you can check for this item at the tab page RSS feed if you want or don’t want to show it. (Attention: This only works with news folders. You can get a news folder by using the right-mouse-click-menu of a normal folder; here you have to click on ‘edit type’ à ‘newsfolder’, now you will see a special symbol/newspaper with the folder).

It is also possible to link your RSS feed to your Twitter- account. If you have done this, all news items of your education/research group/institute will be placed on Twitter automatically. Therefore you have to create an account on for example Here you have to adjust your settings in that way that your RSS-feed will automatically be placed on your Twitter-account.