General information

If you place a set of news items in a folder you have to adjust the properties of the folder in that way that you get a news folder. In that case you automatically get a news-layout.

Your news item can be a file (for example word or pdf) or a link. With every item you have to fill in the description. This will be the introductory text. The “read more” link will be placed automatically. You also can upload a photo at the properties of the file/link.

After 4 news items, WebHare automatically places following messages on a new page, in that case visitors do not have to scroll too long.

Exception: News on the front page

Because the folder ‘home’ does not exist in WebHare (is made automatically) it is not possible to place news items on the homepage in the way explained above. Working method: Create a news folder on your website (for example ‘news’) and do not fill in a title (through this the folder will not be shown in the menu on the left side). Subsequently go to the index file from the head folder and click on properties. Here you can adjust that the folder ‘news’ will be shown as a news folder on the homepage.

Exception: Using news folders as navigation and not as news

The website of ICTS is an example of a website which uses the news format as navigation and not for news. In that case it is wishful that ‘latest news’ will be shown above the items. The department Online Media can adjust the settings of your site in the way that ‘latest news’ will be replaced with the title of your folder.