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Explanation about links in WebHare: external, internal, content links

We make a difference between external links, internal links and content links. It is important to know the difference between these three. This prevents defective links and old documents and saves time in the long run.

External links: Links to a web page outside of the WebHare environment, you copy the whole link in WebHare, for example (do not forget the http!)

Internal links: These links can only be made to a file in your own WebHare environment. Internal links have a big advantage in comparison with external links: they automatically change if the folder/file where it is linked to is moved or the name is changed.   

Content links (a specific internal link): Never place the same file/Word document in two different places in WebHare. Place the file once and if you also want to show it on another place (other folder or website), add on that place a ‘content link’. In that case if you have to change something in the document you just have to replace it once.  It is also possible to show content of another website on your website, without people noticing that they are reading the text of another website.

èUse as much as possible ‘internal links’ and ‘content links’ if you make a new link using the button new file.

Maybe an option for advanced users, but really useful: If you are adding a new link in your Word document you normally paste the whole link:

Besides this known method it is also possible to link directly to the file in WebHare. Click for that case on the marked yellow button:

Then the screen shown below opens, where you have to fill in following link in the toolbaar:

Then click on OPEN at the bottom of the screen. A new pop up opens, where you can choose PUBLISHER (double click). Subsequently you see an overview of your WebHare- websites and you directly can choose inside WebHare where you want to link to.

Hint: Finding a URL on your web page

Do you want to link to a specific page in WebHare and do you not know the URL? Have a look at the bar above the preview screen. There your can find the URL of the page/file you selected in the central window.

We want to explain a similar Word function: You can make links inside of your own document, for example if you have a list with frequently asked questions. In that case people do not have to scroll too much. At the top you can place all of your questions among each other and at the bottom you give all the answers. If you click on one question you get to the corresponding answer. Example: At the top you have question 1 and below you have the answer to this question. Select the question and add a link in the same document. Here you can choose to which heading in the format heading 1 you want to link. If you use other headings than heading 1 it will not work. [In that case you first have to place an internal bookmark and subsequently you can link to those headings. An example is shown in the image below, you can find the page here [this webpage is in Dutch].]