Tips ordered by subject

Link checker (find broken links)

You have the possibility with WebHare to get a report where you can find all ‘dead’ links. To get a report of your whole WebHare-site, you have to go to the Publisher to the Menu: File (NL: bestand), then to report and subsequently to link check.

It is also possible get a report of a specific (index)file. To get this report you have to go to the index file and click on Properties (eigenschappen), where you subsequently get a pop up with the tab page link check.

Saving as an Excel file

You can save the report as an Excel file. This is useful when repairing links, because you can keep track of which links you have repaired. First, uncheck all checkboxes in the link check popup, except the one for ‘Hyperlinks’. Then click on ‘CSV export’ to save the report as an Excel file.

In the column ‘Status’ in the Excel file, you can see a code. If this code is one number (for example: 0; 3; 7) you can ignore this error notification. The codes 100 and up are standard HTTP status codes. WebHare includes one of its own status codes in case no HTTP connection could be established. The following codes are specific to Webhare.





Socket error

Error creating TCP socket


Server not found

The server name could not be resolved


Could not connect

No connection to the server could be made


Connection timed out

Making a connection to the server timed out


No HTTP connection

Could not open HTTP connection


No secure connection

Connection could not be secured (SSL connection)


Request could not be sent

The HTTP request could not be sent to the server


No HTTP response

No valid HTTP response received from the server


Circular redirection

Got a circular redirection


Too many redirections

Redirection chain is too long

There are a few important HTTP status codes:





Bad request

Check this link manually to see if it still works.


No access / forbidden

Most of the times this will be an intranet link. The link checker cannot access these links. You can still manually check if these links work.


Page not found

This link is broken and has to be replaced


Method not allowed

Check this link manually to see if it still works.


Server error

You can’t do much about this. The problem lies with the website that is being linked to.

Not real time

The link checker works like a search engine and thus not in real time. It takes about 24 hours after a change until the link checker can find the change.