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Specific template for ITC faculty

In general, the ITC template has the same options as the general UT template. The information below gives a summary of all ITC specific features in WebHare. 

This is the layout of the ITC template:

Differences in design

  • Menu and footer is white instead of black
  • Header contains a swoosh
  • Different colours (UT uses the full colour spectrum but ITC is limited to ITC colours for buttons etc)
  • Different search engine and therefore an additional field on the file properties to add some keywords
  • You can add a prefix above the title in the header (simple text); see properties of the text page > header ITC tab.

Specific inline components for ITC

These items only work in the ITC template or only made for ITC content. 

Available for everybody who used the ITC template

  • Who is who: insert contact information from a person in the ITC Who-is-Who

Inline components for specific pages/people

  • ITC snippet: loads a text from a text repository. Texts are updated through the UT Course Source System in WebHare but only used for specific marketing websites. Updates can only be done by the ITC marketing members.
  • ITC Course/module list: lists a block of courses that belong to a study programme (loaded from Umbraco where the study guides are stored)
  • ITC module: presents a short text about a module (loaded from Umbraco where the study guides are stored)
  • ITC Homepage news and events: element that is used once for the homepage of ITC

Other specific features and applications for ITC

  • File type who is who (loads information from Who is Who application in WebHare) - webpage
  • File type PhD projects (loads information from Project application in WebHare) - webpage
  • File type module finder (loads information from Umbraco, the application that stores all digital study guids) - webpage
  • Studyfinder ITC site: this is an inline component that is also used for UT bachelor/master studyfinder. - webpage