Webpack (forms, etc.)

Grand webpack rights to colleagues

Whenever you create a WebPack item, you only have the rights to adjust it. Other people, who also have rights for your website, can’t do anything with it. You can grant rights to other people for your WebPack forms.

On the start screen (after login), click User Management: 

The tab 'user management' will open:

Click the search button (1) to open the search window on the right. This window may already be open if you have used it earlier. Search for a user by filling in his last name (2). Then dubbelclick a user in the result list (3). This user will be opend in the central window, showing his rights below the grey horizontal line. You can now give a rigth to this user:

Click Grant right (1), and select the WebPack(s) you want to grant in the pop up (2). You can select one or more WebPack forms by pressing CRTL + left mouse button. After selecting one or more WebPack forms, select what kind of right this user needs (3). For most users there is only one option: webpack manager. 

If this person needs the right to pass on this right, check the box at number 4). Save by clicking OK.