Webpack (forms, etc.)

Example form and tips

Besides the possibilities shown here, it’s also possible to:

•Divide the form in multiple pages

•Add an option for visitors to upload a file

•Send an email to the person who filled out the form


If you want to make use of a non-existing employee/student email address, it’s also possible to use the UT no-reply email address. This prevents replies to the email sent by the form. You can configure this email address for the email that is sent to the person that fills out the form and for the finish page. Fil in the following sender details: Universiteit Twente no-reply <no-reply@utwente.nl>


To do this, tag the relevant questions in the form (through their properties). Give the field ‘name’ the tag ‘name’, for example. You can then make a confirmation mail (a Word document) and use these tags to let Webpack fill in the content. Example: ‘Dear [questions_by_tag.name.answer]’ (without the apostrophes). Make sure the text in your Word document has the style ‘normal’, that’s the only way this will work.

If you want to add attachments to your email, include the Word document (which serves as the template) and the file(s) to include in the email in a single .zip file. Upload this .zip file where you would normally upload the Word document.


If you want to copy questions, hold the CTRL button on your keyboard and drag a question to another folder. This copies the question, instead of moving it. If you want to copy the form as a whole, download it to your computer and upload it to Webpack again.

Basis informatie

Velden gemarkeerd met een * zijn verplicht.
Let op: lees de aanwijzingen over tweetaligheid in de hierboven genoemde tekst.

Upload je tekst in een Wordbestand. Bij evenementen is het aan te raden je tekst af te sluiten met een link voor meer informatie/aanmelden.

Aanvullende informatie
Basic information

Questions marked with * are required.
NOTE: please read the instructions above about bilingualism.

Upload your text in a Word file. For events please add a link for registration/more information to your text.

Texts will only be uploaded if the correct language version is available (Dutch for the Dutch website, English for the English website). Mixing languages on websites is not allowed because this will have a negative influence on website rankings. A shorter version for the second language may be a solution.

Additional information

Would you like to a a file like a poster (pdf) or an image for your item?

Large landscape pictures will be added in the header (top part) of the item. Requirements for large header pictures:
- employee portal: min. size of 1500x630 pixels
- other webpages: min. size of 1500x640 pixels (3000x1280 or larger is better).

Other/smaller pictures will be placed in/under the tekst area.

Is this a news item or an event? Does your message contain a date, time and/or location, then its considered an event and will be published as such. If you choose 'event' some additional fields need to be filled in on the next page (date, location, etc).