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WebPack: features and tips

This pages has some general tips for working with webhare. For a full manual please refere to the two links below.

How the WebPack module works

Use the module Webpack (start button ("WebHare" in the top left corner) - Applications - WebPack) to create web forms (surveys). Once completed, you have to link that form to a webpage (.rtd or .shtml). As a result, the form that you made will be shown below the content of the page where it has been linked to. If you don't have a page to link it to, create an empty Rich Text Document (.rtd) and publish it (properties, first tab, last option).

Webform features

There are a lot of features available within the webform module. The most requested features are:

  • Automatically send a mail to the person who fills in the form
  • Automatically send a mail to the person who owns the form 
  • Records/results will be collected in WebPack, you can download an Excel (or .csv) file will all subscriptions

Tips for WebPack

  1. Keep your form as short as you can. If forms are too long, this will prevent people from filling it in/signing up.
  2. To duplicate an existing form, download it to your computer and upload/import it to WebPack again. The download and upload buttons are available in the menu which is available in the right upper corner of your screen.
  3. After creating a WebPack form you are the only one with rights for this form. You can grant rights to colleagues. See the paragraph below for instructions.
  4. Button language in your WebPack items will be displayed in the language of your website. An English webpage will automatically display English buttons. 
  5. There is a complete WebPack manual (Dutch only) available on the website of the WebHare supplier B-Lex.
  6. For the sender address, only use UT email addresses that really exist. If they don't exist, the mail will not be sent.
  7. Emails cannot have unlimited size attachments. When people upload a file to the form, the file size should not exceed 30 MB. Otherwise you will not receive a confirmation mail for that subscriber.

Send automated confirmation mails

There are three types of automated confirmation mails that can be sent:

  • For the organizer of the event: to send a mail to you (the organizer) for every subscriber that signs up, select Finish page (Eindpagina) in the left screen and hit properties (eigenschappen). One of the tabs contains this option.
  • For the subscriber of the event: create a question of the type 'email address'. That question has additional options for sending email. Fill in the fields. By default, someone will receive a copy of the form he filled in. By hitting the plus button you can add a (word) document with text. This text will then be sent in place of the summary of the form. It's also possible to personalize your mails, see below for more information.
  • Others depending on what answers people choose: when having a multiple choice question, every answer can have an own email address filled in. When someone checks that answer, that person will be informed.


  • Send automated mails to multiple people be using a comma between email addresses.
  • Send a mail from a no-reply@utwente.nl adres bij filling in University of Twente <no-reply@utwente.nl> in the send by field. 'University of Twente' may be replaced by your own name or organization.

Personalize your emails

If you want to send personalized email like 'Dear John, thank you for signing up for ...' then you can do so in WebPack. There are two steps you need to take: 

  1. Tag your question: open the question and fill in the tag field. For the example above you would open the first name question and fill in the tag there. Fill in firstname or some other tag you can easily remember for that question. 
  2. Add the tag to your confirmation email: In your confirmation email, load to tag by filling it in in the location where you want to present the first name. The basic tag is [question_by_tag.xxxx.answer]. If you want to show the first name in the mail, you start your mail with Dear [question_by_tag.firstname.answer], to place a person's first name in the mail. 

Please note: if your confirmation mail is an uploaded Word document, please make sure all tags are normal text (no heading 1, 2, etc).


Whenever you create a WebPack item, you are the only one who has the rights to modify it. Other people, who also have rights for your website, are not allowed to make changes. You can grant rights to other people for your WebPack forms.

On the start screen (after login), click on User Management: 

The tab 'User Management' will open:

Click on the search button (1) to open the search window on the right. This window may already be open if you have been using it earlier. Search for a user by filling in his last name (2). Then double click a user in the result list (3). This user will be opened in the central window, showing his rights below the grey horizontal line. You can now grant a right to this user:

Click Grant right (1), and select the WebPack(s) you want to grant in the pop up (2). You can select one or more WebPack forms by pressing CRTL + left mouse button. After selecting one or more WebPack forms, select what kind of right this user needs (3). For most users there is only one option: webpack manager. 

If this person needs the right to grant this right to others, check the box at number 4). Save by clicking OK. 

Example form

Basic information

Questions marked with * are required.
NOTE: please read the instructions above about bilingualism.

Upload your text in a Word file. For events please add a link for registration/more information to your text.

Texts will only be uploaded if the correct language version is available (Dutch for the Dutch website, English for the English website). Mixing languages on websites is not allowed because this will have a negative influence on website rankings. A shorter version for the second language may be a solution.

Additional information

Would you like to a a file like a poster (pdf) or an image for your item?

Large landscape pictures will be added in the header (top part) of the item. Requirements for large header pictures:
- employee portal: min. size of 1500x630 pixels
- other webpages: min. size of 1500x640 pixels (3000x1280 or larger is better).

Other/smaller pictures will be placed in/under the tekst area.

Is this a news item or an event? Does your message contain a date, time and/or location, then its considered an event and will be published as such. If you choose 'event' some additional fields need to be filled in on the next page (date, location, etc).