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Information about Webpack

You can add the following elements in WebHare: polls, forums, guestbooks, forms. Form data can be mailed to the webmaster and data is saved online in Webpack.

All four elements are added below. These are examples of the elements that can be found on the UT website. ‘Webpack’ is the name for these elements combined. Webpack can be found in WebHare by logging in and navigating to Applications > Webpack. Here you can add new Webpack elements to existing WebHare files. When you’ve linked a form to an existing WebHare file, the form will be placed at the bottom of the file. To see what the other elements look like, please check out the example below.

All instructions concerning Webpack can be found in the Webpack manual and summarized in the PowerPoint presentations of the advanced WebHare course.


  • Language: buttons in your Webpack items will be displayed in the standard language of your website. See the WebHare language information page for more information about languages.
  • Rights for Webpack elements: if you create an element in Webpack, then only you have the rights to change this element. See the link below to find information about granting rights to other users.
  • Do not use guest books or forums that still have to be used for many years. The UT is planning to switch to another web system. In the successor of WebHare there will be comparable possibilities, but probably an existing forum can’t be transferred to the new system.