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Web forms: features and tips

The extended documentation by the supplier is only available in Dutch ( For most users, the explanation below is sufficient.

  • Information about advanced registration forms (special forms only available on request)

    The information on this page is related to the 'forms', a file type every user can create in his website. Next to that, there is a second type (advanced registration form) available on request. The advanced registration form needs activated by the main admin ( and has the following additional features:

    • The form settings button allows you to: 
      • Set a maximum number of participants and receive a mail when 80% has been reached
      • Choose and schedule a start and end date for the registration
    • Data in CRM: the data filled in can be automatically forwarded to the Customer Relation Management system of the UT (Microsoft Dynamics) 
    • Conformation mails can contain links to withdraw or change your submission

Basic steps

  1. Go to the folder where you want to create a form.
  2. Hit 'new file' (first button above) and choose 'form'. Enter a name (first field) and a header title (third field, large title on top of your page). You should also add a title (second field, shown in the menu), but you can leave that blank to make your form invisible in the website menu as long as you are working on the form. Save the file.
  3. Double click the form to open/edit. Add the questions to the form using the 'add' button above. If you need, add optional dependencies like 'hide this question if another question has been answered with yes'. Dependencies are available on the properties of your questions on the third tab.
  4. Add form handlers like 'send the results to', 'send the visitor a confirmation mail', etc.
  5. Your form is now ready and if you hit publish it's avaialble on the internet and will automatically store the results online, available as an Excel file (csv or xlsx) for download.

Web form features

There are a lot of features available within the web form option. The most requested features are:

  • Automatically send a mail to the person who fills in the form
  • Automatically send a mail to the person who owns the form 
  • Records/results will be collected in WebPack, you can download an Excel (or .csv) file will all subscriptions
  • Form dependencies like 'hide question X if question Y is answered with yes'

Tips for forms

  1. Keep your form as short as you can. If forms are too long, this will prevent people from filling it in/signing up.
  2. To duplicate an existing form, select the file (one click), hit right mouse button on the file and select 'duplicate'. If you first form was named 'form', then the duplicated version will be called 'form-1'. Change the name (through the properties button). 
  3. There is a complete Webform manual (Dutch only) available on the website of the WebHare company.
  4. Confirmation mails make it easy for visitors of your event to find all relevant information quickly. Make sure you send them and add all important infromation about your event to that confirmation mail. See the paragraph below for details on confirmation mails.
  5. There is a form settings button on your screen (big buttons on top). There you may change the following settings: 
    1. Retention period: How long you want to keep the data (default is 800 days) > for medical data like illness reports please set the days to 7!
    2. Disable spam check: see the paragraph about spam checks below for details
    3. Change the layout: Place the questions above the answer field, which looks better on forms with long questions. 

Confirmation mails

There are different types of automated confirmation mails that can be sent:


Use the add button (1) and choose 'form handler', to get an overview of the available types:

  • For the organizer of the event: to send a mail to you (the organizer) for every subscriber that signs up. The sender of this mail is automatically set as ''. 
  • For the visitor/subscriber of the event: the visitor/subscriber can also receive a confirmation mail. 

Select one of the options (2) to see more settings available. 

When selecting 'Email response to visitor', the next screen will show all options:

You should at least fill in: 

  • Settings tab (1): In the 'sent to' field, please select the question where people have submitted their email address. Add your own name and email address (the sender of the confirmation mail), a subject for the mail:
  • Email message tab (2): 'Compose the email message below', type your message and use the checkbox below the text to also send the results (the fields people have filled in)


By using the second tab 'dependencies' you may set up different email messages based on what answer people provide. Select a question you have asked your visitors. In this case we are setting up a confirmation message that's only send to the people who subscribed to the Wednesday workshop:


To personalize your confirmation mail (Dear John, thank you for your registration...), type the email text you want as shown below in your automated response mail. Put your mouse/curson on the spot where you want to show a personalized field, for example after the 'Dear'. Then hit the inline component button (1), choose 'merge field' from the list that pops up. You now see all fields from your webform that may be used for personalization. Select the field you want for this spot and hit OK. You may use as many personalized fields as you want. 


  • Content of confirmation mails: 
    • Visible: all questions that people have seen on screen (even if they have not filled them in)
    • Visible: all sub headings that people have seen on screen 
    • Invisible: tekst fields in between questions (they may contain inline components and those cannot be displayed in emails)
    • Invisible: questions and groups of questions that people have skipped (even if they contain pre-filled answers) 
  • Send automated mails to multiple people be using a comma between email addresses.
  • If you want to use a no-reply sender (so people cannot reply to the mail) fill in University of Twente in the name field and in the email field. 'University of Twente' may be replaced by your own name or organization.
  • Attachments/uploaded files: Uploaded files are not sent as attachments. Your confirmation mail has a link where you can access the uploaded file(s). This is done for the following reasons:
    • Uploaded files can be larger. (In the past lots of web forms got lost because they could not be sent due to too large attachments)
    • Uploaded files are deleted by the system automatically to meet privacy rules. Use the form settings button to change the number of days you keep the uploaded files in the system.

Spam check

A spam check (captcha) is automatically added to all forms. We trust people in the following situations, they will not see the spam-check:

  • users on the UT network
  • users who are logged in with s-nummer of m-number

The spam check will show up in a popup when a user submits the form. Users are asked to confirm that they are not a robot. In the unlikely situation that the system does not trust them after that check, it will ask for an additional check (selection of images that contain certain objects). Deactivation of the spam check is not recommended but possible through the form settings button above your form.

Example form

Some questions have a 'presentation' tab. There you can add a little hint like this.

Add text in between questions if needed. Add/toevoegen > text. 

Just some text.. Can contains links and images. You should copy past them. The image buttons seems to be out of order...? And why is the image not aligned to the right?