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Changes in
the new version of WebHare

Last changed: 27-01-2016
Short link to this page: www.utwente.nl/webhare. The
full WebHare manual is also available, but only in Dutch right now.

Starting 2 November 2015, the UT will use a new version of WebHare, version 4. This document summarizes the changes:

Login screen:

The login screen looks different and offers two different kinds of login, en starting 3 November this login screen is the same as what many users already know from intranet login pages:

First option: University login

If you want you log in by using a UT ICT account (x-, s- or m-number), click ICT account login. You will be forwarded to the general UT login page, where you can enter your account details.

Second option: special webhare account

If you do not have a university login of the UT, but a specific WebHare account like ‘project123’, in that case please use the second login option.

After login: main menu

In the old version you had to click the ‘webhare’ icon in the left upper corner to open the menu:

The new version directly presents the menu and all applications you can use. Depending on the rights you have, you will see less or more items. The most important one is the publisher to edit websites:

In the left lower corner you see you user name. Click it if you want to change your preferences (like switching between the Dutch and English version of WebHare).

Log out not available

The logout button will NOT be available, because the login system of the Dutch universities (by Surf) does not allow the logout. Reason for this is the single sign on feature across different browser tabs: there is only one login across all systems, and even after closing WebHare, you may still want to use an intranet page or another system. Closing the browser is the only secure way to completely log off for most browsers.

The Publisher main screen

There are some changes to the publisher’s main screen. The most important change is the preview screen, that has been moved to the right, including some zoom functions.

  1. The window on the left still shows all the websites you can manage. The main website folder is now indicated by a globe (used to be a yellow folder and a globe).
  2. A green colored line in front of the file shows you what's the index file of this folder. An index file might have special options.  
  3. You can change the view of the files below (small, large) in this menu.
  4. Use these icons to control the preview screen: zoom in, zoom out or put it back to ‘real size’ on the web by pressing the 1:1 button.

For all items: the option, file or site you have selected is marked light blue.

Change ordering of your documents

In the old version, the change order button was located in the right mouse menu. Unfortunatly, the list of files in WebHare (middel screen) never showed the real ordering. Files were presented in ABC ordering.  

The new version gives the user the power to decide which version he likes to see in WebHare

A) The folders/documents in the same ordering as shown on the 'real' website. 

B) The folders/documents in ABC ordering, but not the ordering that's used on the website. 

You can change your view between option A) and B) by clicking the bar above your files: 

When you choose 'website ordening' (1), the files will be presented in the order as shown on the website. To change the ordening, use the arrows (2). 

The other options (Sort by...) will sort the files in WebHare, but not on the website.

TIP: If you need to change long lists of documents, there is another option to sort your files. Use the menu (right upper corner) and go to EDIT > CHANGE ORDER > QUICK ORDENING. Here you can sort all files in a certain folder by name, modification date, publishing date, etc.

The properties menu

To change the name or the titel of a file in WebHare, you always click the properties button (Dutch: instellingen) of a file. This properties popup has received a minor update. The options in the box below used to be located on the second tab, but have been moved to the first tab ‘general’ in this new version.

Please note: Don’t get confused because of different names of the tabs above. The first two tabs (general and tasks) are the same for every file and user, but the other tabs can be different, depending on which website template/layout your website uses.

Text documents

If your WebHare site uses Word documents to fill the content of the website, there are no changes! 

Are you already using the new editor in WebHare? Then you will see some new buttons:

In the old version there was no 'draft' button, all saved changes were published directly on the internet. In the new version, you can save your changes as a draft, without publishing it. To publish on the internet, press 'publish'. You can also access the properties screen of this file (where you can change name en title of the file) from here. The view button lets you either preview the draft version or view the published version on the web. The last button preview link offers some extra options on the preview link, like protecting it with a password or sending it directly to someone else for review.

These options are still under review, some changes may be applied in the upcoming weeks.