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How to search based on content, name or URL

There are different options in WebHare to search for a file.

Publisher: search for URL

If you know the URL (link) of a page, you can very easily open the page in WebHare. Copy the URL (CTRL + C), and go to the Publisher.

  1. Open the menu on the right upper corner
  2. Click 'Go to'
  3. Click 'Go to site or URL'

Next, a popup opens, where you can paste the URL to search the specific page:

Paste the link of the page that you are searching for here and the Publisher will bring you directly to the page. This only works if your include the full link, starting with https:...

Tip: The Go-to-popup will also appear when using the shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + G, like it is stated in the menu.

Creating an Internal link: search for URL

This option is also available in the popup when you are creating an internal link. When creating an internal link (linking to a file in your Publisher) a popup appears like shown below. Click on the icon that is marked below to use the Go-to function. Here you can also alternatively use CTRL + SHIFT + G again. 

Publisher: search by name or content of a file

Below your list of website in the left screen you will not only find the trash bin with deleted files, but also a search function to search through files in the publisher. 

  1. Click on search
  2. Select what you are searching for (examples below the picture)
  3. View the searching results
  4. Double click a search result to directly access the page.

Examples of what you can search for in the Publisher (you can combine multiple conditions): 

  • Searching a file by name 
  • Searching a file by content 
    • Example: if person x retired, you can search on which website his/her e-mail adress is still shown
    • Example: if the name of a department changed, you can search on which website the old name is still shown
  • Searching a file with a link that does not work anymore
    • Example: the website of a department changed because of a new name; you can search for a link to the old website

Please note: you can also search information in texts on webpages. You cannot search for information located in widgets or inline components.

Web forms

If you own a lot of web forms and you do not know which one you are searching for exactly in WebPack, it is best if you click on the column 'linked to' to sort by URL/location. You should know to which URL the form is linked to.

NEO: searching in the news and event application

In order to search in NEO (only for users that have rights for this applications), open NEO, and than: 

  1. On top, choose at the basic filter 'Advanced search' (last option).
  2. Type what you are searching for. 
  3. You can also choose other filters, like
    1. Type (news/events)
    2. Date (note: by default, the date is set to 30 days to make sure loading of the results does not take very long; you may need to expand the date or remove this filter in order to find all items)
    3. Items that are linked to a specific website