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Screenshot: global overview of all features in the UT WebHare template

The different elements of the UT website template are explained below: 

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There is a test website available where all features have been used to show how they work. The text below refers either to that test website or to to more extended explanation on our manual website


Toelichting header-onderdelen: 

  • (1) Website title, set up by the WebHare system administration (Online Media). Not accessible for WebHare users.
  • (2) Header background: default UT elements are shown, changing position and colors slowly. May be replaced by one or more images, see the properties of the file or folder and then the header tab.
  • (3) Header title, available on the properties of your file. The header title is the Heading 1 on your page. May be longer than your title.
  • (4) Call to action button or text (see properties of your file, CTA tab).
  • (5) Feedback button: the WebHare system administrators receive the feedback and will forward it to the owner of the website if it concerns information you can improve. 

Menu area

The menu on the left contains the following elements: 

  • (6) Search to find pages within
  • (7) The menu, showing the level where the user is right now. All titles of files and folders are shown in your menu. 
  • (8) Option for the language switch.

Main text area

Online editor (Rich text document or in some situations a html file) with several options:

  • (9) Very short introduction text (not more than 2 rows on a desktop computer)
  • (10) Sub headings, starting with heading 2; smaller sub headings available (H3, H4)
  • (11) Default text, keep it short for better readibility. Add images if you like, or video's (film stip button). Also options for tables in different styles. Try to prevent tables as much as possible as the are usually to wide to be shown on a mobile screen.
  • (12) A content summary for this page, automatically generated from all Heading 2's on your page (10). There is an option to turn this off on your file's properties, but in general this list is a good way to give the user a preview without scrolling.
  • (13) Inline elements in the text, like quotes, downloads, image-sliders, contact information, buttons, etc.
  • (14) Widgets below the page (blocks/banners with additonal information). Create your own widget in your website's widgets folder or use widgets the UT provides


The footer can be set per website:

  • (15) Share buttons to enable your visitors to share your content on Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn etc. These third party systems set cookies. Therefore they are only active if people click on the 'Share this' text on your page.
  • (16) A campus image that can only be changed by the WebHare admins, not by regular users. Can be zoomed on your building.
  • (17) Contact information and route (link can lead to your location on Google Maps), editable by all WebHare users on the website's properties, then footer tab.
  • (18) Footer links, editable by all WebHare users in the footer folder.
  • (19) List of social media channels, editable by all WebHare users on the properties of the footer folder.
  • (20) Logos of partners, editable by all WebHare users on the properties of the footer folder.


Features that are not listed on this page: