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Using header images and calls to action

Header images

Header images can be included both at folder and at file level. The guideline is to only include a header image at file level and to only use a header image on the homepage and the first level of main pages for the websites.

Call to Action

Position Above the content, to the right (white box), Call to Actions (CTAs) can be included (pink boxes). Implementation CTAs are generally also copied to all child folders and pages (waterfall model). This means that you can use CTAs at website level, which will then be implemented in all pages within that website (light blue in the framework). Next, you can make exceptions to any of the child levels. The alterations will then again be implemented in all subsequent child pages (green and yellow). Create own CTA Choice:  

  • Copy parent CTA (standard)
  • Show no CTA
  • Standard CTA
    • Slash label
    • Title
    • Link label
    • Link (none, internal or external)


  • Nespresso CTA
    • Image (to be custom-made)
    • Alternative text
    • Link URL (optional)