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Change the ordering of files and folders

The bar above the main screen can help to adjust the ordering of files the way you want to see them in WebHare and on your website:

Click the bar with the arrow above to show choose a view: 

  1. Set web ordering to show the ordering as used on the website. 
  2. Sorted by name/titel/modified/status  to present the files in WebHare by alphabetical or date order (and not as shown on the website).

If you choose 1) WebHare will present some arrows in the bar above to change the ordering. The first and last arrow with the bar place the file to the very bottom or top, the other to just change the file one position up or down.


  • Use the preferences in the publisher (located in the right upper menu) to decide how you want to present files and folder: in one list or first all folders, then all files. 
  • The arrows work fine for short lists of files. There are also other sorting options available. Use the publisher menu (located in the right upper corner) for advanced sorting options. Menu > edit > change ordering > quick order.  If you need to change a long list of files you can order them by name, date, etc with just one click.