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FAQ (freqently asked questions) WebHare websites

The frequently asked questions about WebHare are displayed below.

If not stated differently, these questions/answers count for all different WebHare-templates.

  • How do I change the order of files?

    Via the menu above your file list you can chose in which order you want to display the files in WebHare, but also the order on the website:

    Click on the box with the cursor to fold out options and chose one of the options:

    1. Set web ordering to show the ordering, exactly as it is set on the website.
    2. Sorted by name/titel/modified/status to show the files alphabetically within WebHare.

    If you chose option 1) top right cursors will appear to change the ordering. The outer striped cursors will put a file all the way on top or at the bottom. The middle cursors will move the file to a position lower or higher. You can also use your mouse to drag and drop the files to change the ordering.


    • Via the preferences in the menu of the Publisher (right upper corner in the Publisher) you can select if you want to show folders and files mixed up in WebHare or in two seperated lists (first folders, then all files). 
    • The cursors are for quickly changing single files. Via the menu (top right) you can find more options for sorting, see menu > edit > change ordening > quick order. If you have a lot of files and the cursors aren't working nicely, you can sort a whole list in one click based on name, publication date, etc. 
  • Why are my files/changes not visible?

    If changes are not shown immediately, this can have different reasons we explain below.

    Publishing has not finished yet

    The first the reason can be that WebHare has not uploaded all changes yet. This can take several minutes in special cases. The green check marks behind the files will show if something has been published: 

    As long as the publishing is not finished, you will see a yellow dot or if something went wrong, you will see a red X. Clicking the red X gives a detailed error message.

    WebHare has not updated the whole menu.

    When changing the files, Webhare will only update the changed file(s). This is why it may happen that you will see the old version of the file name somewhere else in the menu To solve this, you can republish your website or a part of it (send it to internet again). You can do so by clicking on the folder (or the main folder of your website) with the right hand mouse button and click on 'republish'.

    Title not filled in

    It is possible that you have not filled in the title of your file or folder. The 'name' field will appear in the URL and the 'title' field in the menu. Therefore, if you leave the title blank, your file or folder will not appear in the menu.

    Old version still in the memory of your browser (saved on your PC)

    Browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome save websites locally on your hard drive. They do this because then they do not have to download everything from the server when you open the website the second time. This is to lead your page quicker, but it can also result in not directly seeing an updated version of your page. Most of the time, simple refreshing the page (F5 button on your keyboard) does not work, but you will have to use the ‘hard refresh’ of the page. You can do this by pressing in CTRL + F5. Opening your page in another browser you never use can also prove that the file has been changed on the internet but not on your computer's memory. 

  • What can I do in case of log-in problems?

    General information about Logging in to UT-WEBSYSTEMs

    A large number of UT systems (employees portal, People Pages, webapplications of LISA, WebHare, Osiris, etc.) are connected to Single Sign On (SSO) of the UT. This means: if you log in on a tab of your browser (for example on the employees portal) and next you click on web applications, you do not have to log in again. Even if you open an extra tab and a page with log-in, you do not have to log in again. The log-in counts for all tabs and screens of the same browser.

    log-in screen webhare: make the right choice

    We know two different log-in methods at WebHare:

    1. The first option is with your UT account (s-, or x-number or email address for employees): button to go to UT-login that is used for (almost) all UT-systemen.
    2. The second option with a special WebHare-account: log-in fields for users without a UT account, but a special account that has specifically been created for WebHare. 

    If you are a UT member and cannot log in, you are  probably using the second option instead of the first option.

    logging out

    Because you do not log in per system, but per browser (see first heading about logging in above), logging out works the same way. 

    No logging out button

    A logging out button is presented in some systems (for example the employees portal, via cursor over your name). With this tool you are logged out on all systems that are connected to the Single Sign On (a.o. employees portal, all web applications). On systems that are not connected to this you will stay logged in.

    Advice: closing BROWSER

    Closing the browser is in most cases the best way to completely log out. 

    Exception for Chrome: Chrome works differently, here you are not per se logged out after closing the browser (like mobile browsers). Chrome closes the log-in session after restarting the computer. You can adjust this yourself. In the Chrome settings, deactivate this option:

    This solution works for most computers. Unfortunately the brand of the computer, type of browser and control system influence this setting. 

    PROBLEMs with logging in to UT systems

    If you still have problems logging in, check out the following suggestions: you log in with your email address (employees), s-number (students) or x-number (externals) on all systems that are stated on this page. 

    1. Username: Your email address (employees) or s-number (students) contains seven digits. Do not use the eighth number, this is only for book reservations in the library. External people log in with a x-number, which also contains seven numbers.
    2. Password: Did you forget the password for your account? Via the selfservice portal of LISA you can reset your password (via the function reset password), if another e-mail address of yours is known at the UT. Did you forget your password of another account (s- or x-number), please contact the ICT-Servicedesk of LISA ( --> servicedesk). This also counts for expired accounts. 
    3. Logging in with different accounts: Did you log in on your browser earlier today with another account (for example of a colleague)? This account may be logged in on the background. In this case, close the browser completely to log off this user for 100%. Next, you can log in with your own account. This also counts if you were logged in with an email address and want to log in with a general account on another tab (for example projectabc, on a intranet). This is not possible, since per browser you can only log in with one UT-account at a time. If you use Chrome as browser there is more possible. You must restart your computer or open a new anonymous tab via CTRL + SHIFT + N. Using another browser may also help logging in with different accounts.

    Does none of these points solve your problem? If your questions is about the students- or employees portal or logging in at WebHare, please contact the Online Media Servicedesk. For other systems and general questions about your UT-account, please contact the ICT-servicedesk van LISA.   

  • Why don't I see anything on the preview screen on the right?

    In WebHare there is a preview screen on the right, where your changes are visible immediately:

    The preview screen will only be supported by web pages that start with https://www... . Websites without https, with only http, can not be shown in a preview screen in most browsers.

    Moreover, the preview screen only supports web pages in WebHare. Files that are available for download (pdf, xls, etc) will not be shown by default. A notification will be shown saying that for this format is no preview is available. The same occurs for Webhare link files if they they do not link to a WebHare text file (but a file outside WebHare).

    To show the preview for pdf files, you can enable this setting in the publisher settings (open publisher, menu, properties).

  • Why don't I see the menu on the preview screen?

    In WebHare there is a preview screen on the right, where your changes are visible immediately:

    In the upper right corner behind the grey URL/link bar there is a cursor (facing down). Here you can change settings about how you want to see the website. In the screen above 'Desktop 1280' is selected, meaning that the website is shown as it would on a desktop-computer with these dimensions. 

    If the option is set at 'default' the site adjusts to the size of the screen. Because the screen on the right is pretty small, it is possible that at 'default' the tablet- or smartphone version of the website is shown. In the tablet/smartphone version the menu is folded in. Chose the option 'Desktop 1280' to display the website like it would on a desktop computer. 

  • Why does the link on my web page refer to the C-drive?

    [Only relevant for websites old style: if you generate with Word documents webpages.]

    Sometimes a link on a web page refers to a file on the C-drive accidentally, and not to a web page. This happens if you open a Word document from WebHare, without saving it. Windows/Word places your file in a temporary folder on the C-drive, where to link also refers to. This is bug in Word/Windows. If next you save the document, it contains a wrong link.


    If you want to change the content of a Word document in WebHare, save it first (save as...). Next, open that file from your hard drive.