Template UT

Explanation Of the new website-templates

As of the beginning of 2013, the projectgroup website UT uses the staff newsletter to keep everyone up to date about the progress of the webproject. You can find a link with more information about the webproject on all websites that have been updated so far.

The planning of the whole project:

Subproject 1: Recruitment sites (completed in phases 2013/2014)

At the end of 2013, the first websites with the new style went online. The first subproject consisted of updating the recruitment sites for bachelor/master/professionals. Later in 2014, the websites of the Twente Graduate School and the PDEng-programs were updated as well. In addition, a large number of smaller websites and applications for students has been launched. This includes a registration/scanning system for Open Days, Student-for-a-Day and websites for seven different countries for the UT (Chinese, Arabic, etc.).

Subproject 2: Corporate UT-site (Completed June 2015)

Between the summer of 2014 and the summer of 2015, there has been worked on the central website of the UT, www.utwente.nl. In particular, this involved working on extra layers of content and the structure of the website. Special attention has been paid to the subcomponents campus and business, that are new to the corporate website. Another point of interest was the news- and event-system and the corresponding archive that can be browsed with the use of several filters. In addition, the faculties have been included into the process, as they were technically inseparable connected to the old corporate website. Of course, all of this has been implemented bilingually

Subproject 3: 500 websites for research departments, projects, programs, etc

Starting in the summer of 2015, there has been work on the 'minisites', 500 independent standalone websites with own menus of departments, projects, services, etc. After a couple of meetings with users, the template is now developed and has been delivered for use.

--> Starting 1st september 2016: Conversion of all the old white websites

In order for the conversion of the white websites to succeed, the website administrators are asked to mention one contact person for each website. Based upon this input, a plan is made. The planning for the following months is going to be communicated to all contact persons, once it has been set up. 

Prioritizing is related to 

  • the complexity of a website
  • the degree to which the website's administrator is able to perform the changes by himself
  • the importance of the website to an external audience (outside of the UT)