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How to add videos to a page

This is a temporary manual; the system is currently being developed.

Make sure your video is uploaded to Vimeo or YouTube. You can post the videos in two different ways:

  • In a separate widget (box) next to the text
  • In the running text

At the moment, we do not allow embed codes to be inserted in the website any more. This has to do with the fact that with an embed code, the video has a set height and width, making it impossible to watch the video on smaller screens such as those of smartphones. To have the video fit the small screens, we are now using the method below.

Video in widget - explanation

You can find this information on our page on adding widgets.

Video in running text - explanation

  • In the text editor, go to the location where you want to insert the video. This location is circled red in the image below.

  • Next, select the desired video provider (e.g. YouTube) in the upper-left corner.
  • Enter a search word, a video code (e.g. BAf7lcYEXag) or a video URL (e.g. and click Search.
  • Select the desired video and click OK.

The editor indicates that a video will be shown here. On the website, the video will use the entire width of the text box.