Basic features by topic

The layout of the new websites

A page in the new 2013 template is made up of a:

  • header (1) with a label (2) and Call to Action (3)
  • content section (4) and one or several widgets next to it and/or below it (5).
  • menu (6) and links to social networks (7)
  • footer (8) with sharing buttons (9) and map (10)



Make sure the content starts with HEADING 1. This style should not be used anywhere else in the content. Instead, please use subheadings such as HEADING 2, HEADING 3 or HEADING 4.

File names

Make sure file names do not contain capital letters or spaces. For example: file-name-containing-several-words.rtd and not File Name Containing Several Words.rtd.

Please note

Visibility of files

When a file does not have a title, it is not visible on the website. However, the file will be available for search engines such as Google, so please do not put any test files online without a title that are to remain secret.