There are several options to add images to your website:

  1. Image in running text
  2. Images or image slider in widgets
  3. Image in the header
  4. Album

These four options are described below.

Image in running text

Information will follow. See here.

Images or image slider in widgets

There are a great number of widgets that you can use to insert images. However, two widgets have been specifically designed to include images:

  1. The media widget: this is where you include one or more images or videos, with accompanying text below. When including more than one image or video, this widget automatically turns into a slide show.
  2. Image/photo widget: this is where you can include single images and the user is given the opportunity to download the image. The title of the image is shown below the image.

For more information about the use of widgets, please refer to the widget information page.

Image in the header

Information will follow. See here.


A gallery with images is a specific type of folder. Create a folder of the 'photo album/photo gallery' type and place your images in there. You can upload multiple images at the same time or upload a zip file and unzip/extract it in WebHare. Give the images a title in WebHare if you want a title to be shown below the image.

Currently, it is not possible to add text above or below the gallery or to use the editor.