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Available widgets for reuse

You do not need to create every single widget you use. Lots of general UT widgets are available for reuse. You can select them in WebHare to add them to your webpages. Examples of UT widgets for reuse are route information, books/video's/magazines the UT published, and many more. 

The general widgets available for reuse are collected on this page: Please note: due the large amout of widgets linked to this page, this page might take some time to load. 

If you would like to reuse on of these widgets, please click the link above and read the information on that page. It contains short instructions for usage. When linking widgets to your page, you will find the widgets sorted in the categories as seen in the categories below. The widgets on the test page are sorted from A to Z according to these categories. A widget about the UT visual identity (bottom of this list) should therefore be found at the bottom of the test page.