See Websites (CMS WebHare)

Manuals and tips for the default WebHare websites

Below you can find information about how to manage the new WebHare-template that has been introduced in 2016.

TESTSITE for all WebHare users

As a WebHare user, you can see a testsite with the following name in your own WebHare account:

Most likely, the earth symbol is covered by a red 'forbidden' icon. That means that you can only read this website, but you do not have the rights to edit the content.

What can I use this website for?

  1. You can take a look at this website on the web via (via the UT-network and if you are outside of the UT-network, you can login to your WebHare-account to view the page). The website gives you an overview of all the possibilities that WebHare offers and you can use all of them for your own website. 
  2. When you are logged into WebHare, you can take a look at the files that belong to this website in WebHare. This allows you to take a look behind the scenes and can be helpful in understanding how the website has been made. This can be helpful when you try to implement a feature on your own website.
  3. Moreover, this website explains how these features work.