URL Policy

Change my old email address

Please note: Staff members usually already have an email address like a.b.name@utwente.nl. If you already have an email address ending with @utwente.nl, then you do not need to request it here!

Examples of correct email addresses:
- all email addresses should end with ...@utwente.nl (no ..@*.utwente.nl)
- email adresses for departments within faculties should use the faculty name in front of the @; example for the secretary of the HMI research group of the EWi faculty: secr-hmi-ewi@utwente.nl
For more examples, visit www.utwente.nl/urlbeleid.

The period of mail forwarding can be between 1 month and 5 years. The mail you received contains more information about the period that is available for you email address.

You will receive an automatic confirmation by email within a couple of minutes. If this email address is in compliance with the URL policy, then ICTS will create a support call for you where you can monitor the process.

enter the following code: 2830