There are different reasons why we set up People Pages. The table below compares the old with the new situation to explain the advantages. 

Old situation

New situation (with People Pages)


Old design, not working good on smartphones and other smaller screens; lots of different styles

Modern and UT style working perfectly on all types of devices

Findablitity of employees

Employee pages are not available in the phone book

Employee pages are available in the phone book

Findability in Google etc

Sometimes difficult to find because pages are not in the language people search for

All employee pages available in Dutch and English

Type of URL

URL depends on faculty and department name and changes when department name changes

URL is not related to faculty or department name and will not change during the UT career, for example

URL lenghts

Ancillary activities of employees

Ancillary activites of employees are not available on all professor's profiles, only if people place them by hand

If filled in in the UT ancillary activities web application, they are automatically displayed on People Pages for all employees where this is required by law.


Double work: update profiles on different WebHare (department/project) websites

Only keep one profile up to date


All information added/updated manually (picture, room number, email, phone number), etc

Information that is available in other UT systems will be displayed automatically

Finding experts

No way to search for experts (only in Google)

Search function in People Pages also searches people by expertise

Link research/ education

Almost no links between researchers and the courses/programmes they teach 

Displays Osiris courses on People Page for the current year and displays links to prospective students website for the BSc and MSc programmes someone works for.