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What's new in this release?

This page gives an overview of former and planned features for the people pages.

1ST release: New phone book (6 March 2017)

The first release contains general contact phone book information. Name, e-mail, phone number, department name etc will be displayed, just like the old phone book did. New features for users are:

  • Link to the website of your faculty, service, department, etc. (automatically)
  • Option to make details either externally or only internally accessible
  • Displaying ancillary activities ('nevenwerkzaamheden' in Dutch) in relation to the statutory obligation for professors
  • Optional:
    • Add a photo (no photo, employee card photo or own photo)
    • Adding additional telephone numbers
    • Displaying office hours / presence including a written comment
    • Changing job title ('Secretary Prof. Smith' instead of 'support staff')

From the beginning UT employees will be able to log in to create their own content or change the privacy settings of the information provided. You can also grant rights to other users (e.g. your secretary). 

2nd release: full people pages (19 september 2017)

For the full (2nd) release the following features have been added:.

  • About me:
    • bio text (self written or exported from publications system Pure)
  • Education:
    • General text box with pictures and video options
    • Load your courses from Osiris
    • Show link to prospective students websites (BSc/MSc/other) for study programmes you work for
  • Research
    • General text box
    • Load publications from Pure (UT research system)
    • Show URL to full Pure profile page
    • Field to fill in your Google Scholar URL
  • Projects
    • Text fields to present current projects (titel, short introduction text, picture and link to the project website)
    • Option to present former projects
  • Media
    • General introduction field
    • Show recent tweets
    • Keep a list of 'me in the media' 
    • Keep a list of 'my news items on the UT site'
  • Contact
    • Social Media links
  • General features
    • Open API full text search/advanced search

3ND RELEASE: FULL profiles also for guest accounts (august 2019)

In the 3nd release guest accounts received all features of regular accounts, but are still clearly marked as guests.

Smaller releases

Between the three major releases there have been several smaller releases with minor features and bug fixes.

Future releases

To be decided. Some examples from our wish list:

  • PDF download
  • More free text fields for other research information and other educational/teaching information.
  • Offer larger picture files for download (for press)
  • Adding pictures to free text fields by upload (now only available with a referrer to an only picture)
  • Adding video to free text fields
  • Adding html snippets to free text field