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Offer: biography check

Tips for your biography

Some tips for your biography text on your website or People Page:

  • Keep it short: up to 250 words about your career and who you are.
  • Avoid using technical or specific terminology that a lot of people do not understand
  • Try to include keywords specific for your work and area of expertise (to make sure people who google those words will find you!)
  • Be creative in your writing, do not sum-up your career path like a calendar
  • Write active and preferably in short sentences

Professional biography check & translation

We have a special offer starting 21 September: submit your biography text and we will check and translate it for you. There is a limited budget available for translations, so please submit your biography as soon as possible. 

Submit you biography text below (250 words per language max.). You will receive the corrected/translated version within two or three weeks to place in your people pages yourself. 

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