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People Pages: new UT Phonebook and profile pages

Starting 2017, People Pages ( is the new UT phone book. The new version will be more than just a phone book: the result pages of the phone book can be personalized and extended to personal employee pages in the future. If you want, they can replace current personal pages in department's (WebHare) websites.

Phase 1: Replacing the UT phone book - March/April

In March (internally) and April (externally) we launched the new UT phone book People Pages. Compared to the old phone book, this first version of People Pages added some new functionalities:

  • Option to add a photo (no photo, employee card photo or own photo)
  • Link to the website of your faculty, service, department, etc. (automatically)
  • Option to make details either externally or only internally accessible
  • Displaying ancillary activities ('nevenwerkzaamheden' in Dutch) in relation to the statutory obligation for professors
  • Optional:
    • o   adding additional telephone numbers
    • o   displaying office hours / presence
    • o   changing job title

From the beginning UT employees are be able to log in to create their own content or change the privacy settings of the information provided. You can also grant rights to other users (e.g. your secretary). 

Watch this video for a short impression:

Phase 2: Extending the phone book pages to the new 'people pages' - Summer 2017

When finishing the second phase (after the summer of 2017) more features will be available. The phone book will evolve to People Pages and will be able to present research information from the UT research databases. We are in contact with the research information system project group to make sure science related data like publications will be presented in the best possible way. Several more fields will be available to present your professional activities like education and project related information. Details will be presented on this page later.

Phase 3: Even more...

We can't realize everything we want within phase 2. We are planning to start a new phase, probably in 2018. In this phase we can also add improvements based on the recent user feedback.

Questions or comments

We've been contacting many UT members in the past months contribute to this project and ask their feedback. If you also want to share anything with the project group or have any questions, we are happy to hear from you! Please email or use the feedback flag on the screen (not available when you block cookies).