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People Pages: new UT Phonebook and profile pages

In 2017, the UT phone book will be replaced. The new version will not only be a phone book: the result pages can be personalized extended to personal employee pages. They can replace current personal pages in department's websites.

New phone book with people pages

First, the phone book will be replaced in the first quarter of 2017 (phase 1). After that (around the summer of 2017, phase 2) more features will be added to complete the project. From the beginning UT employees will be able to log in to create their own content or change the privacy settings of the information provided. 

More information will be added soon.

Old version: personal pages in department websites

Right now, people's profile pages are part of the department's website. Editing rights are (usually) provided to the secretary. As a staff member you may request editing rights for your own page. Please also inform the current editor of the page.