You can use Google Analytics to get insights about the views of your website. This is a beginners manual in which the most used functions are explained and how to get access.

The Online Media department can grant rights for viewing statistics of specific websites. In order to get rights you’ll need to have a Google-account. This can be either a Gmail-account or a account. You will have to make a Google-account out of your account in order to use it for Google Analytics, you can do this on this website. Whenever you have a Google-account you can do a request for an account with access to Google Analytics at the bottom of this page.

You will receive a confirmation, whenever the Online Media department has granted your rights.

Note: Don’t try to go into Google Analytics before having the rights granted by the Online Media department.

1. Go to

2. Click on Sign in.

sign in

3. Login with the Google-account which has the rights to view statistics.sign in

4. You will see an overview of websites where you received the access rights for.account home

5. Expand the folder of the website whose statistics you would like to see and click on the title of the websiteaccount site

6. In the overview you will see different options. Some of the basic options will be explained:


  1. Change the period of time of which the statistics are shown.
  2. Change the shown data type in the graph (For example, the amount of visitors or unique visitors).
  3. View the sources where the visitors come from.
  4. View which page is most visited.
  5. Configure a regular e-mail in which a current report will be send to you.
  6. Export the current overview (for example as a PDF file).