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Link/image on your website

If you want to insert a link to, you can use the images at the bottom of this page.


•To use the NL version, use the link

•To directly link to a building, use a link like (where the number after ?id= stands for the building number, to be found on this map:, i.e. not the campus building number)

•With the Link icon in the top left, you can…

oplace an own tekst message at a location (via Add Message).

oembed part of the map in an iframe for your own website (via Customize). See the example underneath.

Embed a map in an iframe

You can embed part of the #D map in your own web page. Follow these steps:

1.Click the Link-icon.

2.Click Customize.


3.Chose an appropriate format of the iframe (small, normal, large of custom).

4.Position the map to the desired position. Zoom level and angle can be set with the buttons on the left side of the map.

5.Check Highlight Building if you want to indicate a building with its name. Subsequently, click the desired building to highlight.

6.Check Add message popup if you want a text message on the map. Subsequently, enter a title and a message, press Create Popup and position the text popup.

7.Select and copy the generated code underneath the map.

8.Paste the code in HTML on your web page. For a manual to do so in Word with WebHare, see this page.


Click the image for the true size.

950 × 400:


620 × 340:


530 × 300:


300 × 170:


150 × 100: