Link in email signature

Insert a link to your own building in the signature of your mails:

1.Go to

2.Click the link icon

3.Click Add message.

4.Enter a title and message, hyperlinks and email addresses will become clickable.

5.Click Next.

6.Position the message to the desired location on the map.

7.Click Next.

8.Click Generate.


1.Select the generated link.

9.Copy the link (e.g. by using CTRL + C).

10.In Microsoft Outlook 2010, go to Tools > Options > tab Mail Format > button Signatures. (In Microsoft Outlook 2013, go to File > Options > tab Mail > button Signatures).

11.In the signature, enter your address/building name.

12.Select the building name and click Insert Hyperlink. Paste the copied URL from the 3D map. Don’t forget to press OK to save all settings.