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Archiefweb: recover old site

Are you looking for a former version of your web page? Use to view an older version of the UT website. This tool searches back to 22 september 2017, the day this tool has been introduced.

Finding an old page

Go to

  1. Fill in a search term, like mesaplus to find Your search term is a term that is part of the URL or part of the website title. 
  2. Locate your site in the results on the right. Click the little calendar icon, to select a date you want to view, for example 1 October 2017. 

Why archive old pages

Government organizations like public universities are supposed to make old website versions available according to the archiving legislation in the Netherlands.

Looking back further

If you want to look version of pages older than 22 September 2017, you may find them on the way back machine: The UT website is available here even in the 1997 version.