How to create a blog

  1. Create a folder which has as type ‘blog’
  2. Go to the Webhare test website in Webhare en copy from the folder BLOG the two files “blog.shtml” and “weblog.rss” to your site (via right-clicking, copy)
  3. Go to the properties of the file bog.shtml and make this file the index file (via the publication tab)
  4. Create a new file in your blog folder, which has the type “forum” (If you do not see a type ‘forum’, select at the bottom ‘show all installed types’). Name this file blog.xml.
  5. It is now possible to create sub folders in your blog folder. The sub folders all need to be of the ‘blog’ type. The titles of the sub folders are the different categories / sections of your blog.

Next you can place Word documents in the category folders. This will be your blog postings.

Webhare will take the first section from your Word documents, and uses this section (together with the title) in the overview of your postings.

An example blog is shown here: