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Request functional email address

Unfortunately the full URL policy document ( is not available in English.

Requesting an extra (separate) mailbox or the forwarding of mail to an existing mail address is free of charge.

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About the email address

When requesting a mailbox it will be added below your UT Outlook (employees). For students, we will provide a link to login, as they do not use a UT Outlook application. 

If you request an alias, no mailbox will be created. Instead the mail sent to the functional email address will  be forwarded to an existing employee inbox.

Make sure that:

  • email adresses only contain small letters, no CAPS.
  • email addresses are in English if possible
  • faculty/institute and service department names are right before the @
  • words are separated by a - sign

You can do a suggestion here, but if you leave it blank, Marketing & Communications will fill this field for you.

Please note: if you do not fill in the required fields (email address, first and last name) below your request will not be processed.

If you would like to delete an existing inbox, please send a mail from that inbox to the ICT service desk. That way they can verify you as a owner. If you do not have access to that inbox anymore, please call the ICT servicedesk, phone 5577.

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