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Video: how to add to your site

Marketing & Communication is frequently receiving questions regarding the use of videos. The most important questions, answers and tips are summarized below.

Uploading videos (and placing them on UT-websites)

You can include (embed) videos in the WebHare-websites of the UT. This is also possible with news articles in the news- and event system NEO within WebHare. Make sure that the video that you are planning to include is uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo. You can use your own free account for doing so. Alternatively, you can provide a UT-video to the central editorial office ( The video will then be published to the YouTube/Vimeo channel of the UT. 

The next step is to add the video to your website by clicking on the filmstrip-button () in the editor. There is a detailed explanation of how to add videos to text pages available here. Another way of placing videos is to make use of widgets (small blocks with additional information at the bottom of your website). You can find more information about placing widgets here.

Old white websites: how to implement videos

Most videos are (very) large files. Because of the limited space, you should not upload videos to WebHare. By preference, upload the video to another (free) website and link to it in WebHare, like how it is done below this news item.

There are two options to host the video:

  1. Create/use your own account on YouTube or Vimeo and upload your video over there.
  2. When the video is interesting for the UT overall, the UT Online Media team can add the video to the UT-account on YouTube or Vimeo. (To do so, send your video via to and ask them to add the video to the central UT-account).

Central UT-account videos are placed on and

To place the video in WebHare there are three options: create a Video BannerWord document or HTML file:

Video banner (only YouTube):

Select the page or folder in WebHare in which you wish the banner to be placed.

  1. Click ‘Properties’ and go to the ‘Blocks’ tab.
  2. Check the option ‘Define blocks’ and add a new banner.
  3. Enter a title and select the type ‘YouTube movie’ (an option for Vimeo will be available soon).
  4. Enter the video code, e.g. ‘eLnwXDALiR4’ (can be found at he end of the URL of the original movie).

    The video will now appear in the right banner area and will be enlarged to fit the whole screen when played.

Word document:

1. Click the share > embed button/link near your Vimeo or YouTube video

2. Copy-paste the code of this link to the place in the Word document where you want the video to be shown.

3. Next you have to create a new ‘section style’. An example of such a style is ‘heading 1’. 
You can create a new style, by selecting your YouTube code in the Word document, expand the style-menu (arrow on the right) and choose ‘save selection as new quick style’ from the options.

4.Name the new style ‘HTML Sourcecode’. From now on, you can choose this style every time you want to place a new video.

5. Save and upload the document to WebHare.

HTML page:

Of course you can also work with a HTML page, if you know how to use such a page. Just copy-paste the HTML code of your YouTube video (which you can find at the ‘embed’ section of your YouTube video) into your HTML page and it will work. Please use as less html pages as possible, because other colleague’s might not be able to edit that page then.

Where to find UT-videos?

UT-videos are available on the following channels:

Who can help me with the creation of videos?

Do you want to create videos that are related to education such as recordings of lectures and moods (massive open online courses)? Then you can contact the CELT department of the Centre for Educational Support of the UT. If you are looking for (3D-)animations of research, we recommend to contact the team Nymus3D that is part of the UT spin off Demcom. For recordings of lectures or for the creation of promotion videos you can contact Marketing & Communication. Production activities are often carried out externally, but Marketing & Communication can help you to get in contact with the right persons. Simply send a mail to