Uploading videos

Most videos are (very) large files. Because of the limited space, you should not upload videos to WebHare. By preference, upload the video to another (free) website and link to it in WebHare, like how it is done below this news item.

There are two options to host the video:

  1. Create/use your own account on YouTube or Vimeo and upload your video over there.
  2. When the video is interesting for the UT overall, the UT Online Media team can add the video to the UT-account on YouTube or Vimeo. (To do so, send your video via www.wetransfer.com to onlinemedia@utwente.nl and ask them to add the video to the central UT-account).

Central UT-account videos are placed on vimeo.com/utwente and youtube.com/universityoftwente

To place the video in WebHare there are three options: create a Video Banner, Word document or HTML file:


Select the page or folder in WebHare in which you wish the banner to be placed.

  1. Click ‘Properties’ and go to the ‘Blocks’ tab.
  2. Check the option ‘Define blocks’ and add a new banner.
  3. Enter a title and select the type ‘YouTube movie’ (an option for Vimeo will be available soon).
  4. Enter the video code, e.g. ‘eLnwXDALiR4’ (can be found at he end of the URL of the original movie).

    The video will now appear in the right banner area and will be enlarged to fit the whole screen when played.


1. Click the share > embed button/link near your Vimeo or YouTube video

2. Copy-paste the code of this link to the place in the Word document where you want the video to be shown.

3. Next you have to create a new ‘section style’. An example of such a style is ‘heading 1’.
You can create a new style, by selecting your YouTube code in the Word document, expand the style-menu (arrow on the right) and choose ‘save selection as new quick style’ from the options.


save selection

4.Name the new style ‘HTML Sourcecode’. From now on, you can choose this style every time you want to place a new video.



5. Save and upload the document to WebHare.


Of course you can also work with a HTML page, if you know how to use such a page. Just copy-paste the HTML code of your YouTube video (which you can find at the ‘embed’ section of your YouTube video) into your HTML page and it will work. Please use as less html pages as possible, because other colleague’s might not be able to edit that page then.