Photo gallery in WebHare

Create a photo gallery in WebHare

To create a photo gallery in WebHare, all the photos you want to publish should be in the same folder. Do not publish photos which are too large.

In WebHare:

  • Create a folder in which the photos need to be uploaded. Click in the menu on ‘New Folder’. Choose ‘photo gallery’ instead of ‘normal folder’.
  • Open the folder; it contains only an index-file. Click on upload and upload all the photos at the same time. Select one of the photos that need to be uploaded. Next, use CTRL+a (function select all) to select all of the photos.
  • Click ‘OK’ to upload all the selected photos.

You have created a photo gallery! WebHare automatically decides the number of rows and columns displayed at the website. Using the properties of the photo gallery-folder you can set some optional settings (Advanced knowledge required).