Information about UT website systems

WebHare course: basics or expert

On this page you can find information about UT-Websystems and related documentation for users, as well as Appointments, standards and possibilities for anyone interested in their use.

A lot of information runs via WebHare, the CMS (Content Management System) of the UT for the administration of websites. Next to this you can find information on the People Pages (phone book and later employee pages), the medewerkers- en studentenportal and other smaller systems used by the UT.

Contacts & Questions

For all questions concerning UT-websites, portals and Social Media please contact Marketing & Communication.

Can we help you?
Servicedesk Online Media (MC)
Location: Spiegel

We are usually available between 9-17 o'clock. If we can't pick up right away, we will make sure to call back as soon as possible. Check our FAQ page before contacting us. Perhaps your question is already answered here. Have you checked out our feature overview for our WebHare template for a summary of all main options? 

Documentation for administrators of UT-webpages

Do you (as a student or employee) administrate webpages in the UT-websystems just like more than 1000 other UT'ers? Or  are you trying to update your medewerkerspagina (new beginning April 2017)? On this page you will find all the necessary support: manuals per website-template, tips and tricks, explanations per topic, (free) courses and contracts for all additional questions. We can't administrate your website for you, but we do our best to provide helpful information to support you in administrating yourself.

Interested? Explanatory Possibilities

You don't administer a UT-website yet, but you are interested in the possibilities for your own projects, cooperative context , department, etc.?