The Twente Water Centre brings water research and education in Twente under one umbrella. Thereto the Centre bundles expertise from various groups located within the University of Twente. It is home to about 80 academic staff. The structure of the Twente Water Centre is informal, open to all water research in Twente. The Centre is not an organizational unit but a platform for cooperation and dissemination of knowledge.


The research activities of the centre are embedded in the Institute for Innovation and Governance Studies (IGS). The educational activities are embedded in the Faculty of Engineering Technology (CTW), the Faculty of Management and Governance (SMG) and the International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC).


Scientific Programme Council

Prof.dr.ir. A.Y. Hoekstra

(Professor in Multidisciplinary Water Management,

ET-WEM, University of Twente) 

Prof.dr. Z. Su

(Professor of Spatial Hydrology and Water Resources Management, WRS, ITC) 

Prof.dr. J.Th.A. Bressers

(Professor of Policy Studies and Environmental Policy,

BMS-CSTM, University of Twente) 

Prof.dr. S.J.M.H. Hulscher

(Professor Water Engineering and Management,

ET-WEM, University of Twente) 

Prof.dr. A. van der Veen

(Professor Water Engineering and Management,

ET-WEM/MW, University of Twente) 

Prof.dr. S.M.M. Kuks

(Professor Innovation and Water Policy Implementation,

BMS-CSTM, University of Twente) 

Prof.dr.ir. H.W.M. Hoeijmakers

(Professor of Engineering Fluid Dynamics,

ET-TS, University of Twente) 

Dr.ir. J. de Grooth

(Assistant Professor of Membrane Science & Technology,

TNW-MST/Mesa+ institute for nanotechnology, University of Twente) 

Scientific Chair: Prof.dr. Hans Th.A. Bressers
Manager TWC: Dr. Kris R.D. Lulofs


You find the list with members HERE (PDF download).