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Strategic Business Development

The University of Twente is committed to enhancing its relationship with the business community. We have developed a program focused on strategic business development. It’s an approach to developing richer relationships with key partners, and thereby significant value.
As an entrepreneurial university the UT’s fundamental objective is to create value for and have impact on partners and stakeholders in the Twente region, the Netherlands, Europe, and ultimately society at large. To that end, the following nine strategies for 2014–2015 are identified:

Strategy 1. Clearly position the UT as a world-class entrepreneurial university.

Strategy 2. Help startups and SMEs (including spin-offs) grow over the long term.

Strategy 3. Facilitate active and proactive contact with the business community.

Strategy 4. Nurture talent and thereby stimulate market-driven innovation.

Strategy 5. Focus on key research areas that play to the UT’s strengths and the community’s needs.

Strategy 6. Position and professionalize the UT’s centers of expertise and shared facilities.

Strategy 7. Create an effective university gateway for the business community.

Strategy 8. Provide incentives and develop useful tools.

Strategy 9. Involve University of Twente stakeholders.

To create a strong, distinctive profile, gain international prominence, and maximize opportunities to collaborate with industry, it is important to build on a foundation of scientific quality aligned with the university’s strategy and strengths. The key question is this: In which areas, considered from both the scientific and societal viewpoints, is there an opportunity to excel?

Based on the broad technological areas and general societal themes such as safety, health, and energy and a strong value proposition in the key technologies—IT, nano-, bio-, and geotechnology—and engineering, in a social context (governance and behaviour), we will sharpen our focus on five key industrial research areas in 2015–2020:

• Advanced materials

• Medical technology and devices

• Wireless and remote sensing

• Advanced manufacturing and mechatronics

• Safety and security

Find here the complete strategic business development program of the university.