ICT in Education

Launch eHealth

Online learning module brings worlds of technology and health care together

The free massive open online course (MOOC) eHealth of the University of Twente brings the worlds of technology, psychology and health care together. Over the course of six weeks, participants of the MOOC will learn more about the possibilities of eHealth: what is it? What are the success factors and challenges? How can you develop eHealth technologies that match what people actually want? The online course starts on 23 May, and registration is open. 

Effective innovations in health care

Technology is becoming an ever more important part of our daily lives. We use it to organize our finances, to take out insurance, or to maintain friendships. Using technology to improve our health and wellbeing is on the rise. Engineers are developing smart technologies that may very well prove beneficial in health care. And health care providers can see how technology can be used to improve certain aspects. Bringing this expertise in health care and wellbeing, psychology and technology together allows for successful innovations in health care to take place.

“Participants of the online course will learn the basics, although there is plenty of room for emphasis and analysis. As a result, the course is suitable for both people who want to learn more about eHealth and professionals who will be dealing with eHealth in their work,” says Saskia Kelders, a university lecturer with the Department of Psychology, Health and Technology, and one of the educators. “In addition, we try to teach our participants skills that will help to improve the development of new interventions or apps.” It provides more than just knowledge, and also offers insights into eHealth in practice, as well as concrete guidelines people can work with.

eHealth at the University of Twente

The free online course gives a good impression of the University of Twente’s education and research regarding eHealth. Elements of the bachelor course Psychology and Master studies Health Psychology and Health Sciences are integrated into the MOOC. The curriculum builds upon the research the University of Twente carries out in the Centre for eHealth and Wellbeing: the centre of expertise aims to create a bridge between technological innovations meant to provide benefits to wellbeing and health, and the psychological knowledge of design and evaluation necessary to ensure that innovations are in line with what goes on in actual practice.


The MOOC in eHealth starts on 23 May on the British FutureLearn platform. Prof. Dr. Lisette van Gemert-Pijnen, professor of Persuasive Health Technology, and her team will be heading the course. Participants can expect to spend an average of three hours a week over the course of six weeks. They will receive a certificate after the course ends. Registration is free and currently open.