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Video services at the UT - ICT in education 20-05-2015

Digitization: CES and ICTS team up on video services
With digitization in education as one of the priorities in Vision 2020, video production is really taking off at the University of Twente. The advent of MOOCs has given a major boost to initiatives in this rapidly developing field. On Wednesday, 4 March the ICT Service Centre (ICTS) teamed up with the Centre for Educational Support (CES) to organize a meeting about the video services available at the university.

Meeting: Video services at the UT
The aim of the meeting on 4 March was to exchange ideas and discuss opportunities for cooperation, but also to discover where and how video is being used within the university and to gauge demand. The meeting also included a brief tour of the DIY mini-studio that ICTS has set up in the Citadel building.

DIY mini-studio
ICTS is now running a do-it-yourself mini-studio in Citadel T201. This facility is designed to give people experience of creating and editing videos with a ‘green screen’ so they can add static or moving images to a recording. ICTS is lowering the threshold by offering faculties and service departments the chance to record their own short educational video clip or mini-MOOC. For the time being, MOOCs will continue to be made at the IT Service Centre’s production studio.

Further details and follow-up sessions
ICTS and CES are planning to organize more frequent meetings on a range of topics, with a view to building a network of knowledge and experience. The aim is to jointly contribute to the development and design of excellent education.

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