Vision 2020 up-to-date

Designlab Dream Team

Currently there isĀ  a lot of interest from research, education and the industry to join the DesignLab in finding solutions to the problems of todays society. The recently established multidsciplinary
DesignLab Dream Team is the frontoffice for questions about cooperation with the DesignLab, requests for tours or to plan workshops for making prototypes.

In just a few weeks Creative Technology will start with their workshops in DesignLab for working on projects in their educational programme. These workshops are provided by the DesignLab and SmartXP Lab.

The Twente University College ATLAS has also found its way to the DesignLab, they not only using the facilities and workshops to make prototypes, but also organise their open days aswell as Insight days.

We invite you to visit us and experience the creative, multidisciplinary environment of the DesignLab, we welcome you for a tour with a group of colleagues, students or other guests.

U can contact us by email or by phone 053 489 2079