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CuriousU Summer School 20-05-2015

Watch the latest CuriousU summer school clips as well

CuriousU, our unique, festival-like summer school, is starting to take shape. The popular DJ Funkerman will take care of the musical aspect. Mathematical wizard Ionica Smeets (website in Dutch) will also pay us a visit to inspire everyone with her passion for mathematics. The entire organization is working together to draw national and international attention to our summer school. The past few weeks, a special clip of every course has been recorded to give a better view of the summer school. Curious to see what your colleagues have made? Then go and take a look at the CuriousU clips!

CuriousU Summer School in a nutshell
The summer school, CuriousU, will take place from 11-18 August 2015 on the campus of the University of Twente. The initiative originated from ideas that arose during Create the UT of Tomorrow 2014. This summer school in festival style is an innovative concept and focuses primarily on international students, but Dutch students are more than welcome. For more information, please go to