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CuriousU Summer School 20-04-2015

Are you terribly curious about the available courses at the CuriousU summer school as well?

Just four more months and then CuriousU, our summer school in festival style, will take place. A unique concept with which we once again distinguish ourselves from other universities. As where could you find an international summer school where you can take excellent academic courses in large tents in the middle of a green campus? Where you can gain advanced knowledge in socially relevant themes and, at the same time, gain plenty of inspiration through music, culture, sports and extraordinarily inspiring speakers? And where you are, moreover, also given the freedom to create your own programme? The University of Twente does it all.

Working together

The entire organization is working hard to offer an inspiring and unforgettable week to students from around the world. Erik van Dijk, who works for S&B and is responsible for the training programme, is proud of the way we work together: "It's really an idea that originated bottom-up. People are enthusiastic and really want to make something of it. " Compiling the content of the courses is true teamwork as well. "We now offer eight different courses and each available course is being worked on by dozens of people from various disciplines. In addition to that, more and more people are doing all they can to make all aspects of the event a resounding success. It is great to see this," says Van Dijk.

Quality available courses with social relevance

There are eight current themes to choose from, and participants also have the freedom to "shop" among the various courses. Courses are offered at various levels, from beginner to advanced. Moreover, if certain conditions are met, the student can obtain European credits. All topics are "high tech" with a "human touch." These are interesting issues that are currently of major importance for society, namely:

•A boost for Health and Happiness: researchers have known for a long time that health and happiness go hand in hand. Interventions and techniques (often supported by technology) can contribute to this in a positive manner. In this course, participants will work on cases to boost health and happiness even further.

•Design the future: Participants are challenged to develop their design skills, both in terms of creativity and with respect to applying current scientific knowledge.

•EntrepreneurialU: for those who want to discover whether a career as an entrepreneur suits them. For those who want to know whether a business idea is viable. For those who want to learn to think and act like an entrepreneur.

•Hands-on Physics: participants delve into the world of extraordinary and fascinating physical phenomena. Interaction and pragmatism are paramount here.

•Security & Risk Management: Students in this course are invited to combine psychology, human behaviour and the financial world. They will discover the power of communication in both a crisis situation and as a means to manage risks.

•Serious Gaming: through the agile project management method the participants, working in a team, design their own game. By working through the different "countries" of the game design domain, they gain new knowledge and insights and are able to apply them immediately.

•Smart Cities: With the use of IT and new governance models, students learn to contribute to smarter cities. These are cities that are better able to cope with the challenges in the areas of health, food safety, energy, transport and climate. This is what the students will immerse themselves in if they choose this theme.

•Clean Water: participants learn about emerging technologies and scientific developments in the field of water, water management and water treatment.

The above list is, of course, only a very brief description of the courses and actually does not do justice to the programme. Therefore, for a look at the entire picture, go quickly to:

CuriousU Summer School in a nutshell

The summer school, CuriousU, will take place from 11-18 August 2015 on the campus of the University of Twente. The initiative originated from ideas that arose during Create the UT of Tomorrow 2014. This summer school in festival style is an innovative concept and focuses primarily on international students, but Dutch students are more than welcome.