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CuriousU Summer School 11-03-2015

CuriousU Summer School 11-18 August 2015

Project team

The idea for a festival-style summer school originated as part of the creative process surrounding our Vision 2020 initiative. A project group was formed to develop the idea, consisting of Sander Lotze (Strategy & Policy), Erik van Dijk (Strategy & Policy), Rianne Kaptijn (Strategy & Policy), Bas Reuvekamp (Campus) and Kim Bruil (Marketing and Communications). They come together for a weekly project meeting.

Along with the course leaders, they are the driving force behind organizing a summer school that combines a rewarding learning experience with a fun festival vibe. 

The courses and their developers are:

Design the Future: Wits, W.W. and Ludden, G.D.S. (Engineering Technology)

Hands-on Physics: Thornton, A.R. (Engineering Technology) 

A Boost for Health and Happiness: Weiss, L.A. and Janssen, S. (BMS)

Security & Risk Management:  Chivata Cardenas, I. (Engineering Technology)

EntrepreneurialU: Ridder, A. (Human Resources, BMS) 

Smart Cities: Berg, M.M. van den (BMS) 

Clean Water: Lammertink, R.G.H. (Science and Technology)

Serious Gaming: Bruinsma, G.W.J. and Spil, A.A.M. (BMS)

For progress reports and to share experiences, this group meets up for a monthly discussion.

Target group

CuriousU is primarily aimed at European Bachelor’s students, but anyone with an inquiring mind is welcome! Everyone who is interested in the topics covered, who has the intellectual abilities and skills expected of a Bachelor’s student and who speaks English will be in their element. The participants who have signed up so far come from all over Europe: Spain, Germany, Italy, Great Britain and of course the Netherlands. But even Mexico and Indonesia are represented.


A day at CuriousU is as follows: the participants meet up for breakfast and to listen to an inspiring lecturer. Then they go off to attend their various courses before breaking for lunch. During lunch they will also have the opportunity to stretch their legs and attend an activity. After the activity the participants dive back into their learning environment for another three hours. The evening is devoted to culture, entertainment and relaxation and of course a tasty bite to eat. 

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