Summary Vision2020

Summary Vision2020

The University of Twente is forging ahead. In the coming years we will be raising the bar even higher and elevating our ambitions. The University of Twente is the leading entrepreneurial university: we constantly anticipate future developments and respond rapidly and effectively to changes in our environment. We are opinion leader in the public debate. We interact with research institutes, industry and government on an ongoing basis to generate pioneering research. We deliver outstanding students who excel at bringing together high standards of expertise from a range of fields and designing solutions that meet the demands of the future, in the Netherlands and throughout the world. As a leading international university, we are the driving force behind the innovative power of our region.

Scientific excellence is more essential than ever before, but it is no longer enough to fulfil our ambitions. As a relatively small university of technology, with social and behavioural science alongside our focus on science and engineering, we both want and need to develop a more distinctive profile based on a unified ecosystem of education, research and commercial knowledge transfer. This is why we are now focusing more intensively on targeted and innovative combinations in research and education. We intend to become leaders in high-impact innovation and to offer unique degree programmes in a distinctive setting. Our campus is developing into an inspiring meeting place for scientists and students. A community for professional and personal development.

Our commitment to entrepreneurship is expanding to encompass an enterprising spirit among all staff and students: the motivation and the ability to innovate, experiment, pioneer and discover. We will communicate this message with great emphasis to ensure that we will be seen and recognized as the leading entrepreneurial university in Europe.

Our field of operation will become fully international. We will develop knowledge together with international partners in and for an international context, focusing on the grand challenges. We will educate our students to be the global citizens of the future and we will attract a significant degree of international funding. This combination of academic excellence, an enterprising spirit and an international orientation will make our impact on society greater than ever by 2020. We will maintain our key role as a partner to the region, boosting our impact on regional innovation.

Our core values

  • Societal impact: making a real difference
  • Synergy: excellence in combinations
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation: the best in Europe
  • Internationalization: tomorrow’s global citizens

The way in which we embody and combine these core values is what makes us unique: focused on society, driven by synergy, entrepreneurial and international.


The University of Twente aims to educate the professionals of the future. Graduates with an outstanding education, sought after by industry and government for their excellent skills and their unrivalled ability to provide creative solutions to unprecedented problems. The university’s alumni are well-rounded individuals with a thorough knowledge of their discipline and the ability to apply it intelligently and usefully, fully aware of the interdependence between technology, people and society. That is why, in addition to subject knowledge, the University of Twente’s educational programmes devote considerable attention to developing a wide range of personal skills in the three areas of research, design and entrepreneurship. These skills are enriched with essential practical experience obtained through internships and projects. We provide continuous learning pathways (Bachelor’s, Master’s, postgraduate) in each of these areas and offer students ample opportunity to contribute to their own training, development and learning experiences. We have therefore embraced blended learning, the combination of e-learning and personal education on campus as a community for academic and personal development.


Research at the University of Twente centres on technology and the role of technology in society. To remain a leader in this field and to guarantee the outstanding quality of its educational programmes, the university continues to set clear research priorities, particularly with regard to innovation and relevance to society. The University of Twente is open for business. In a spirit of partnership, we set up innovative projects in collaboration with businesses and government bodies in the Netherlands and abroad. In doing so, we are not afraid to push boundaries, making the most of the expertise and infrastructure present in these alliances. Where possible, we seek to obtain external funding, both national and international. Through Business Development Teams we optimize not only our approach to collaborative projects but also the results gained from them.

Commercial knowledge transfer and entrepreneurship

We are and will remain Europe’s leading entrepreneurial university. This puts us in the ideal position to respond effectively to the increasing focus on building bridges between science and the demands of society, and to the ongoing thematic and financial constraints being placed on resources for education and research. Our strategy is geared towards expanding entrepreneurship to include the entrepreneurial skills of all staff at all levels of the organization and to communicate the University of Twente’s strength in this area to the world even more powerfully.

A strong University of Twente that is ready for the future requires an institution-wide change of culture in which everyone shares responsibility for our ambitions and the final result. Everyone has a real opportunity to contribute to achieving our goals. We need and intend to be truly different from the rest; for example by developing our campus as a community and an experience, by being active in niche markets where others do not operate, and by introducing design as an integrating concept across our disciplines. We will be seen and heard as an authority, a university that continually surprises and that nobody can ignore!

University of Twente: Excellent disciplines, unique combinations.