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Vision 2020: Innovate Experiment Pioneer

Vision 2020 is a new chapter in the history of the University of Twente. You have shared your ideas and your inspiration with us at events like Create the UT of Tomorrow and on many other occasions. This has enabled us to formulate a vision for the future of our university, built on the ambitious outlook that we all share.

On behalf of the Executive Board, the deans and the scientific directors, I am proud to present you a new brochure that sets out this vision. Let me start by thanking you for your invaluable contribution to this process. Your solid commitment and creative input are the best possible guarantee of future success.

Vision 2020: innovate - experiment - pioneer

The University of Twente is accelerating. As a university, we are embracing a bold new set of ambitions and raising the bar even higher. As Europe’s leading entrepreneurial university, we constantly anticipate future developments and respond rapidly and effectively to the changing world around us. Read more in the brochure and discover how we plan to create a university of innovators, experimenters and pioneers.

Take a dynamic drone’s eye view

Vision 2020 is more than a strategy: it’s a new way of looking at the university. Our students of Industrial Design and Creative Technology have produced an interactive drone’s eye view of UT, in collaboration with Industrial Design Lecturer Martijn Zwart. Their interactive aerial view of the campus links to illustrations of our four core values: societal impact, synergy, entrepreneurship and internationalization.

Our vision starts today

Vision 2020 is not some far-off dream of the future. It’s shaping the way we work here and now. Here are some of the initiatives it has already generated:

  • the opening of the DesignLab
  • the appointment of Miriam Luizink as a Director of Strategic Business Development, who is currently discussing an initial plan with stakeholders
  • a draft vision on internationalization, currently in the final stages of development
  • the service departments’ focus on a comprehensive approach for 2015
  • preparations for a UT Summer School in 2015
  • the launch of several initiatives for ICT in Education (e.g. MOOC@UT: Medical Imaging and its Clinical Application, Smart Cities, the Lecture Hall of the Future).

Making it happen throughout UT

The deans, scientific directors and heads of all the service departments will present their proposals on how to realize Vision 2020 with the staff of their own faculties, institutes and departments to the Executive Board. The 2015 annual plan serves as a starting point for this process, reflecting the local initiatives within the framework of Vision 2020. This will be the main topic for discussion in the ‘autumn meetings.’ The deans and scientific directors have joined forces with the Executive Board to take a project-based approach to the implementation of Vision 2020. This approach covers four tracks, illustrated on the chart below:

Icon projects: our shining examples

The Icon Projects play a key role in the implementation of Vision 2020 in the years to come. These projects are identified by the deans and the scientific directors and the Executive Board as shining examples of how we can all bring the university’s ambitions to life. 

Icon projects meet a number of criteria: they have societal and economic impact, they are designed to create synergies between disciplines. They should also demonstrate a considerable degree of entrepreneurial potential and have an international focus.

Continue to inspire, excite and surprise us

A strong UT calls for a culture shift across the university, a collective mindset in which we all share responsibility for attaining our ambitions and achieving results. We invite and encourage everyone to make a genuine contribution, and we are keen to hear your ideas for local initiatives, icon projects and all kinds of other activities. Go on, surprise us! Contact us directly by dropping an email or pass your ideas on to your manager. You can also make your voice heard by sharing ideas with your colleagues on Facebook.

Thank you for making UT a university to be proud of. We look forward to hearing from you.