Nominees & Award Winners

Create the UT of Tomorrow winners: The Enterprising University and ‘Small World Networks’

On 16 April the Create the UT of Tomorrow think tank jury announced the winners from among the entries submitted on and after 1 April. The jury evaluated all proposals based on the criteria of Novelty, Relevance, Workability and Thoroughness. Two groups stood out: the Toxy Turbo’s and Net Worth.

“The jury is very enthusiastic about the effort put forth by the fifteen groups following the think tank session to develop their proposals in greater detail. The jury has now focused on the way in which the groups completed their ideas with implementation strategies. How can the individual ideas be put into practice?” explains Prof. Dave Blank.

Winning groups receive balloon flight

The Toxy Turbo’s group scored high marks for Relevance, Workability and Thoroughness for their idea, ‘The Enterprising University’. This group’s proposal was exceptionally appealing, and they even produced an original video clip to accompany it.  The proposal consists of three elements:

  • Use ‘UT2GO’ to increase the University of Twente’s visibility outside the region of Twente.
  • Increase the visibility and accessibility of everything going on at the university at the Campus Meet@UT.
  • Give companies direct access to campus activities through a ‘Company Portal’.

The second group that stood out was called Net Worth, which presented an organizational concept inspired by 'Small World Networks'. This concept is an answer to the question of how we can create an organization that will enable us to promote innovative research and to be flexible and versatile in our interdisciplinary work in research, education and valorization activities. This group suggested some practical strategies for implementing the concept at the University of Twente.

Along with the two groups that won on 1 April, Festivaliz'UT and UTopia, the Toxy Turbo’s and Net Worth have been invited to present their ideas to the Executive Board, the Deans and the Scientific Directors. In June, the four groups will have the chance to view the campus from a different perspective, for they have won a spectacular balloon flight!

Honourable Mention

The jury also discussed and deliberated on other proposals, identifying components that are worthy of further elaboration. The Science Challenges, UTPolis and BOOT groups all deserve an honourable mention, because these groups’ proposals all had ingredients that are deserving of a follow-up. Science Challenges wants to challenge UT students to work on issues that will be presented to leading industry experts as part of a competition. UTPolis put forward the idea to strengthen our identity as an entrepreneurial university 2.0. The BOOT group introduced BOOT-CampUS, inspired by talent shows such as ‘So you think you can dance’ and ‘Masterchef Junior Australia’.


Summaries of all the proposals from the 45 participating groups will be made available online, hopefully by early June. They will be grouped by a number of commonly recurring themes: Smart & Living Campus, Education on demand, Network organization, Support and talent development, Research, (education) and entrepreneurship, Multi-, inter- and cross-disciplinary focus.

Contact: Bertyl Lankhaar (T: +31 (0) 53 489 2210), spokesperson for the Executive Board of the University of Twente.