Create UT of tomorrow

Create UT of tomorrow


This promotion book presents the 45 ideas that resulted from the event ‘Create the UT of tomorrow’. Three hundred students, employees and alumni of our university put these proposals forward. On 1 April, 2014 they all enthusiastically set to work on the task: go beyond your comfort zone and come up with creative and surprising ideas. The groups departed from an early concept of the strategy document Vision 2020, in which UT’s ambitions for the future are formulated.
Thursday 12 June, the winners of Create the UT of Tomorrow made a balloon ride above the university campus.

Going beyond your comfort zone

Staff, students and alumni working on the university of tomorrow

On Tuesday, 1 April the event Create the UT of Tomorrow took place. Almost 300 members of staff, students and alumni accepted the challenge to think about the future of the University. Everyone enthusiastically set to work on the task: go beyond your comfort zone and come up with unexpected and surprising ideas. Five groups were given the opportunity to present their proposals for the future. They were in with a chance of winning the public's and the jury's award: a trip by balloon over the campus, allowing them to see the University from a different perspective.

The public's award was won by Mixed Vision. This group advocates a lot of freedom of choice for students. Their future is one in which students can draw up their own curriculum. Education is organized similarly to a festival. To enforce their idea, they came up with Festivaliz'UT. A science festival that attracts masses of people wanting to see what the University has to offer in the field of education and research. And everyone chooses their own (festival) programme.

The UTopia group won the jury's award. They asked themselves how the University could achieve worldwide impact and how students could be educated to become flexible professionals. They made metaphorical use of a modern international restaurant in order to demonstrate their ideas: strong ties on a regional level, but also capable of providing excellent lectures on a world-class level. Modern technology and engineering will ensure our education to be accessible throughout the world.

Dynamic atmosphere

The winners weren't the only ones who were happy, as the event left the other participants with a positive feeling too. As Valentine Veenhof puts it: "The atmosphere here is so positive and dynamic. Everyone is really enthusiastic. I hope that those who were unfortunate enough to be unable to attend today will also become infected by this enthusiasm."

Those responsible for organizing the event also look back on a successful day. Susanne Wichman, Programme Coordinator of Create the UT of Tomorrow, says: "It was very inspiring to experience how much energy and enthusiasm people brought to this event.  The commitment of the participants was evident from how they worked together. This resulted in noticeably creative ideas. These ideas should be seen as a cohesive entity and they can certainly result in a number of wonderful steps for the University."

What's next

All the groups have up to and including 8 April to send their (more) elaborated proposal to the jury via One more winner will be chosen from all the proposals. All proposals will subsequently be included into a summarizing overview that will be published. The Create the UT steering group will assess all the proposals and draw inspiration from them in designing the continual process of determining good strategies.

A light-hearted touch was provided by Frank Los, Visual Designer. Throughout the day he found playful ways of illustrating the ideas of the various groups.