The steering group has decided to focus on the admission, customer journey and scholarship office. As of October 2016  the project Mobility Online is falling under the steering group Internationalization instead of the steering group ICT. 

1. Admission

1.1. E-check (project leader Sabien van Harten)

To improve the conversion rate and speed up the admission proces the eligibility-check is made mandatory from oktober 1st 2016. The e-check is a fixed questionaire that gives the student an idea of eligibility.

1.2. Academic Admission pilot CTW (project leader David Korringa)

To improve the conversion rate and speed up the admission proces the academic admission process will be adjusted by creating a workflow within the framework of the UT. How?

  • Adjustment of agreements / between CES/AO and faculty
  • Processes in faculty evaluated and adjusted
  • Fast Track admission for certain student groups & KPI’s between faculties and CvB

1.3 Knowledge Database (project leader Jelle Ferwerda)

To improve the quality of students and to speed up the process a knowledge database has to be build. This database combines information form international institutions by give an overview of: 

  • Student performance in exchange and masters.
  • Data from earlier admission procedures: the admitted students as well as the “not-admitted” students.
  • UT-agreements with those institutions

2. Costumer Journey

2.1. Adjustment Formal Communication CES (project leader Cornelius Schippmann)

Communication grew over the years bottom up (almost) without central, cross-departmental supervision. Communication is inconsistent, partly inaccurate and very formal (some messages even seem unfriendly; especially given the fact that communication in the pre-application phase is informal & friendly). The goal of the project is to rewrit all 80-90 formal messages of CES – Student Affairs and Services (SAS)

2.2. 1 CES student desk (project leader Sabien van Harten)

2.3. Follow-up Analysis Customer Journey (Project leader Arjan Burgers / Mariska Giesen)

The recommendations of the project customer Journey and the Renco Bakker analysis aren’t implemented yet. For example:

  • Active follow up of students looking for a study programme
  • Optimization of communication with prospective students (till 01-09)
  • Building an overview of admission procedure / application status.

The goal of this project is creating a roadmap and start with it.

3. Scholarship office (project leader Wendie Klieverik)

The current scholarship- proces isn’t well defined; the tasks and responsibilities are unclear. Because of the ambition to increase the number of students and the availability of more scholarships, it’s necessary to have a good working scholarship office. The goals of the project are:

  • Create a SOLL (desired)- proces for the scholarship process (students)
  • Based on this SOLL- proces, prepare a implementation plan for the physical scholarship office.

4. Mobility Online (project leader Hans Westerik)

Mobility online is the new software for the support of internships, exchange and graduation research. Mobility online will replace al decentral systems, this project is about implementing the new system in all the faculties.