To avoid duplication it’s important linking all projects in the field of  internationalization. Therefore these projects are adopted to the programme

5. Related projects

  1. Exchange: incoming (project leader Gert-Jan Baan)
  2. Policy Outgoing exchange (project leader Hanna Lange)
  3. Evaluation Language requirements Masters (project leader Inge van Haare)
  4. Scholarships in Osiris (project leader Bas Hoekstra)
  5. MOMI in Osiris (project leader xxxxxx)

6. Other projects with I-component

  1. English Language support staff (project leader Akkelien Bergsma)
  2. Integration ITC-UT (project leader Riekele Bijleveld)
  3. Inventory Automatic Administration non-regular students (project leader Be Meerman)
  4. Reshaping Student Affairs and Services (project leader Sabien van Harten)